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Act Out

Act Out is a great class for kids who are new to theatre or those who prefer non-musicals with smaller cast sizes.

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Ring, Winter 2022

May 6-June 24
Saturdays, 10:45am-12pm

Performance: June 24 @ 10:30am
John Wallace Middle School

Participation fee: $250

Tired of sitting through yet another boring performance put on by a pompous narrator and his untalented group of actors — including his niece as the lead, a super-nerdy wolf and some disgruntled extras who are reduced to playing trees — the stagehand wants to bring in a truly talented actress to play Little Red, the leader of a motorcycle gang called the Riding Hoods!  Of course, the haughty narrator refuses to let the “lowly” stagehand have his way, so the stagehand must think of creative ways to coax him offstage so that the jazzed-up show can go on! When the traditional and modern stories finally collide, a chaotic chase scene ensues, resulting in many upset actors. The Fairy Godbrothers are called in to straighten out the mess and leave us with a happy ending:  the Big Bad Wolf is recognized as the Little Good Wolf he truly is, the narrator’s niece discovers her calling as an accountant and (almost) everyone learns a lesson about the importance of valuing others!

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