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Act Out

Act Out is a great class for kids who are new to theatre or those who prefer non-musicals with smaller cast sizes.

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Ring, Winter 2022


October 14 - December 2

Saturdays, 12-1:30pm
Performance: December 2 @ 10am
Participation fee: $275 ($25 sibling discount)

Holly Claus is just an average girl trying to live an average life…she just so happens to also be the only daughter of Santa Claus. Mom and dad dream of retiring, and it’s Holly’s job to find their replacements. Meanwhile a big business man from New York City has moved into town with the intention of buying out the last maple tree farm in the Northeast. Holly must venture on a path of self-discovery and find a way to save the small town she loves; and give her parents the ability to move to Florida before next Christmas. She’s gonna need a Christmas miracle to accomplish all her goals, luckily Christmas miracles run in the family.

Upcoming  - Titles TBD
Winter Session
Mondays, 6:15-7:45pm, 1/8-3/17
Saturdays, 12-1:30pm, 1/20-3/17
Spring Session
Mondays, 6:15-7:45pm, 3/25-5/18
Saturdays, 12-1:30pm, 3/30-5/18

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